Our product

Atenti is disruptive, catching and above all fun
  • Many participants on various occasions

    Ideal for business events, weddings, congresses, classes or even gatherings of friends.

  • Build your own Atenti

    Write your questions, chose your games, teams and visualizations.

  • Run it in your event

    Play. Everyone can join without installing anything on their cell phones.

  • Surprisingly instantaneous

    Questions, calculations, answers, prizes and graphs. All in Real-time.

  • Gamification

    Atenti uses game dynamics to boost motivation and reinforce behaviors.

  • Easy to use

    Plan, try and run your Atenti without surprises.


Unleash your imagination by trying a demo as one more participant

Caribean Cruise

Try a demo as if you where aboard a Caribbean cruise

With other bots


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